By co-editor and writer Jordan “The Slavic Libertarian” Marinovich

The Governor of Alabama has issued an apology to the Indian government over the excessive force of its officers that left an elderly Indian citizen partially paralyzed. “I deeply regret the unfortunate use of excessive force by the Madison Police Department on Sureshbhai Patel and for the injuries sustained by Mr. Patel,” the letter stated. “I sincerely hope that Mr. Patel continues to improve and that he will regain full use of his legs.”

While the incident was completely tragic, Mr. Patel is quite lucky with all things considered. First of all, he is still alive; which is more than can be said for some. Also, to get an apology from anyone within the government, much less a US Governor, is extraordinary. Not only that, but the officer involved is being charged with a crime, not paid suspension or other slaps on the wrist.

The fact is that everyone should get this type of treatment when subject to police abuse. Instead, citizens of the US have to wade through a sea of police apologists, police chiefs and sheriffs backing their officers indiscriminately, and district attorneys failing to prosecute blatant crimes. A US citizen, after an abusive run in with law enforcement, is lucky to walk away without charges. Forget an apology.

So why is it that a foreigner gets such special treatment? Politics.

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