By writer Chris Lewis

John McCain and other staunchly warhawkish Republicans are up in arms. In fact, they’ve been having fits since Saturday when it was announced that the administration had brokered a deal to have the only remaining American hostage in Afghanistan released in exchange for 5 supposedly “high-level” Taliban detainees. Some are even taking their battle with the White House further, questioning the legality of the transfer given the law requiring a 30 day notice to Congress in the event of a transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

Is this angst legitimate, or have all these men put politics above the life of an American citizen?

McCain, who himself was a prisoner of war during Vietnam, would be the one who people could expect to possibly stay out of this fray. After all, it would stand to reason that a person who suffered under captivity would retain the memory of such a unique experience and sentiment felt by the POW and his/her family. But one who would expect such a thing of Mr. McCain obviously expects too much.

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