By writer Katy Khaos

As much as I detest the State, I have to admit they are are at good at a lot of things.

They’ve sharpened their skills in many areas over centuries since the development of the constitution – which is merely a document that has made possible the infractions of our freedom or has been powerless to prevent it. Here is the list of things the goober-ment is kickass at:

  • Propaganda in our media

  • Indoctrination in our public schools

  • War and military aggression in foreign countries

  • Spending money and extortion through taxation

  • Stealing property via civil forfeiture

  • Caging non-violent people for victim-less crimes

  • Legislation granted and protected monopolies made possible by lobbying

  • Jailing whistleblowers and censoring dissenters

  • Bailouts for businesses that are supposed to fail

  • Spying on its citizens by the NSA

  • Race/gender/socioeconomic baiting

  • Taking care of its own with big salaries, generous pensions and benefits

  • Fear garnering

  • Assembling statistics favorably to show the necessity of the government program

  • Handouts and enabling

  • Slowing down operations, lowering quality of services and products, raising prices of everything it gets its hands in

  • Acquitting and pardoning violent do-boys of the state (COPS!)

  • Creating distractions

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