By writer Brian Abington

That’s what Pittsburg, Texas residents Collin Dewberry & Kelly Williams were told by their waitress at Big Earl’s. The couple had eaten breakfast, paid their bill and were about to leave when this retort was given.

On any other day, Big Earls seems like your average one stop, American style restaurant, bait shop, and R.V. Park. A roadside novelty that you would likely find in any other sub 5,000 population town in Northeast Texas.

The door to Big Earls bears a sign that reads as follows:

“Welcome to Big Earls
Where MEN act like MEN
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

The sign has been hung directly to the right of an ornate sticker bearing both the smiling faces of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kevin Harvick (that proclaims Big Earls now carries Hunt Brothers Pizza) and is closer to eye level than their hours of operation. This sign seems to be a prominent yet innocuous way to minimize customer exposure to hairy butt cracks and rowdy customers.

According to a report from local television station KLTV, Collin and Kelly stated they were normal customers trying to enjoy breakfast and had unmitigated hate spouted to them by the waitstaff.

Owner, Earl Cheney, was interviewed in the same report claims Dewberry and Williams were displaying PDA by touching each others legs, not acting like men (in direct violation of the sign on the door), and allegedly harassing their waitress who also happens to be his daughter.

The 24 hour cable news, and social media sources of information drive home the victims side yet often under report the other side of the story.

Take, for example, the case of Dayna Morales. Last December, her story dominated every single news source. Allegedly a couple wrote on the receipt “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life.”

Ms. Morales, who is a lesbian, instantly became the face of LGBT discrimination and was championed as the next ‘victim hero.’ A couple later came forward with a different copy of the receipt proving that they did not make such a statement, and had in actuality left a tip.

Ms. Moralles is not the only one in recent years to come forward with allegations of racist or homophobic hatred being left on the tip line of their receipts. Although some of these stories do turn out to be true, many also turn out to be falsified reports.
Sadly a good portion of Americans are so deeply absorbed by the tabloid media reports of what Angelina Jolie might have worn to the grocery store, they completely miss the brief report of the discrimination hero being caught in a lie. Then, the story that once dominated the news cycle fades from memory as quickly as it came.

The case of Big Earls is a rare exception. Earl in his portion of the aforementioned television interview stated his daughter called Dewberry and Williams “fags” out of frustration. There is no denying what happened in this situation. But what is the solution?

Yes, discrimination in all of its disgusting forms still exists. President Obama’s election wasn’t a magic elixir sprayed on the American South just like a fine mist from a mosquito fogger, causing rebel flags to turn to ashes, healing memories of lynchings, and causing teeth to regenerate.

Recently a number of U.S. cities (Omaha, Memphis, & Houston just to name a few) passed laws making it illegal for employers to fire an employee based on their sexual orientation. For over twenty years, Congress has been kicking around the Employment non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would accomplish the same thing at the federal level.

On a local and state level, more laws create more government with more power over more people, that would create further law enforcement bureaucracy. Businesses concerned about potential lawsuits will now hesitate before they fire a horrid employee who happens to be gay. This new-found hesitation has the potential to hurt employment opportunities for the protected classes which the legislation applies. A true free market solution is for government to keep out of it. A business that discriminates against customers or employees will prosper or fail based on the attitudes of the community where it is located.

I reached out to Collin Dewberry, Kelly Williams, and Big Earls. However, none of the parties involved were able to be reached for an interview at this time.