By writer Chris Lewis

We are, of course!

Libya, Syria, Ukraine, the rest of North Africa, and another round in Afghanistan just aren’t quite enough to satisfy the United States Government’s insatiable desire for global dominance leadership. President Obama’s recent trips to the East Asian countries were his effort to assuage the fears of those governments that his announced foreign policy redirect isn’t for real. Apparently his pandering words and pledges of military aid were not enough, and so enter Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

On Saturday, Hagel(1) thought it prudent in his speech at the IISS Asian Security Summit to give Beijing a tongue lashing over its recent activities in the South China Sea, reprimanding them for their “destabilizing unilateral actions” *cough hypocrisy cough*. If the Ukraine-Russia situation has taught them anything, the Chinese government should not be surprised. Beijing however like Moscow is not one to sit by, and allow such talk without response.

On Sunday, Deputy Chief of General Staff for China’s People’s Liberation Army, Lt. Gen. Wang Guanzhong fired back(2) saying that Hagel’s speech was an attempt to “to take the initiative to provoke and challenge China” and that it was “full of hegemonism, threat, and intimidation.” He then went on to say that the speeches of both Hagel and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were meant “to stoke the instability and encourage fight picking in the Asia Pacific,” and that the “attitude there is not constructive.”

If the new foreign policy initiative is meant to “rebalance” Asia, a reasonable person will expect that a major part of that “rebalance” should include fostering a shining relationship with China (the largest foreign holder of US Government debt, and the country that could very well soon become the world’s largest economy). Perhaps interjecting into the regional territorial disputes is not the way to go.

That just wouldn’t be the US of A though, would it?

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