By writer Kevin Ryan

What does abortion, global warming, gun control, welfare, capital punishment, and stem cell research have in common?

They’ve all been politicized.

An issue that’s been politicized is no longer judged by logic and reason.  Instead, it’s presented through narratives specifically created to suit special interests.

► Political narratives are created by politicians to get themselves elected.

► Media narratives are created by the media to get viewers.

► Corporate narratives are created by businesses to get customers.

Take climate change, for example.  Governments have seized upon the issue to take control of private sector assets, increase their regulatory power, and line their pockets.  Environmental lobbyists have contributed $130 million to politicians since the 1990s, more than 90% of it to Democrats.  To keep the money flowing, government has pushed a fear mongering narrative to the public and pressured scientists to stick to their story, even to the point of data manipulation.

The opposition has used it as an opportunity to fundraise and solicit contributions from the sectors that would have the most to lose from new regulations.  They’ve denied even the possible existence of global warming, ignoring massive amounts of data and facts in the process.  This has helped turn a substantial portion of the population against any measures to address the issue, and politicized the issue.  Indeed they’ve reaped the benefits of this strategy, as Republican members of congress receive an average of $80,000 in contributions every year from oil and gas lobbyists.

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