By writer Michael Heise

The National Center for Health Statistics has just released a study showing that deaths related to heroin have jumped from 0.7 for every 100,00 people to 2.7 deaths for every 100,000 people with the biggest rises coming after 2010. It has been known for some time now that heroin use is on the rise throughout the country. Made from the poppy seed, just where exactly does this highly addictive drug come from?

Year after year, Afghanistan continues to break records as the world largest producer in opium, with some estimates of 95% of the world’s heroin supply coming from the area. Another way to put it is that all heroin inside the United States has a 95% chance of having originated from Afghanistan. Similarly, Afghan heroin has flooded Russia to the extent that Russia now leads the world in heroin addiction, consuming 1/5 of the world’s supply of the drug.

It wasn’t always like this though. In fact, in 2000 the Taliban had banned the growing of poppy, completely reducing its production by as much 90%. Sure, they were producing, and taxing, heroin prior to this, but not nearly as much as we are witnessing today. It wasn’t until the U.S led invasion that the production soared again past any point prior, resulting in an average annual $65 billion in drug trafficking.

After the invasion, generals were under orders to not destroy the poppy crops and in fact, have beenpatrolling, protecting, and even selling the fruits of these fields because “the farmers would join the Taliban” if the poppy cultivation was stopped.

So how exactly is this making its way to the United States if the country is under occupation by the United States Military?

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