By writer Nate Kelly

Everyday, millions of Americans wake up and turn on the news to see “What’s going on in the world today”. Instead of hearing about how the world is advancing, via a new and amazing technology for energy, or a feel good story of amazing people banding together to help someone less fortunate, it is quite different. People are bombarded with the sight of fear, killing, misconduct, oppression, and the old standby of whatever new medical fear that is taking hold of the nation. People listen intently as the talking heads begin to spew forth a concoction of rhetoric filled ideology on their behalf, or churn out whatever script has been handed out by every agency to promote fear.

For instance, there is always some new and terrible disease that is tearing apart our country. Over the last ten years we have been hit with Bird Flu, Swine Flu, H1N1, Whooping Cough (Pertussis), SARS, Ebola, and now their new fear is the dreaded Measles (Dun Duuhh). People who had no reason to fear ever catching, or will more than likely never contract any of these diseases, are now whipped into a frenzy and panic. They listen intently as the TV personality trumps up some data that is slanted to prop up their agenda, and brings in a panel of “specialists” to debate.

This is where the subliminal puppet show begins. Before the panel even begins to speak, the viewer is allowed to see the individuals, without noticing the media is setting up a bias with subliminal visual cues. If you pay close attention, you will see that those individuals who support the media agenda will be visually more appeasing, well lit, dressed in designer clothing, and have a pleasant background. On the contrary, they present the objectors in poor lighting, regular clothing, and often as less visually appeasing. This is done intentionally to cause the viewer to form an opinion on a visual basis. The panel begins to debate and members with the media bias will have more time to speak and their voices projected louder, then when the opposition begins to speak, they are constantly cut off and muted. The host will usually throw out some sort of word salad to confuse the point, or use an attempted parallel comparison of data that in fact has nothing to do with the topic. The media’s job is then done. The viewer goes out into the world to spread the media’s agenda and the fear of the new affliction.

All of this is done out of fear and sensationalism. It also serves…READ MORE