By co-editor and writer Jordan “The Slavic Libertarian” Marinovich

Eeek! A mouse!

I like to think of myself as an optimist. However, it’s moments like this that truly have me in fear of this country’s population and what it is capable of allowing (I choose that word quite carefully).

A series of artistic billboards have been placed throughout the New Mexican border area, as part of a larger art project. The billboards contain “the Ten Commandments written in a language derived from old Cypriot Greek and ancient Hebrew.” as seen above. The combination of billboards encompasses the larger art project, known as “Manifest Destiny”, and is meant to be “merely symbolic instructions. By hinting at the history of the surrounding landscape itself, the project pushes back upon the perception of billboards as visual pollution.”

However, the artist’s work has been interpreted in a different way: As a terrorist threat. The billboards have created a huge backlash within the community and amongst passers-by who view them. Why? Simply because it’s in “some kind of foreign country writing lol”.

That was just one of the many social media comments that have poured out as a result of the billboards. One man complained on Facebook, “When I see that billboard I’m like Wtf was the artist drunk and made terrorist words”. Ancient Greek, so terrifying!  Another woman, apparently after being informed of the billboards’ meaning, stated, “Thank God! I thought terrorists were making their way into the city”. Thank God, indeed, that the Ten Commandments weren’t really a terrorist threat.

I think the artist’s work has taken on a new, slightly ironic meaning as manifested through his audience’s reactions.

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