By writer Jordan “The Slavic Libertarian” Marinovich

Consider, for a moment, what a person imagines to be the most powerful device known to man. A device so inherently strong and ingenious, prime ministers, popes and presidents buckle at their knees. A device so empowering for the individual and disastrous for monopolies, corporate board rooms are chaotic with frustration and fear. A device so integrated with the unbiased justice of the free market, megalomaniacs, dictators, kingpins and scam artists are turned into obsolete entities overnight. A device so absolutely awesome, it has the potential to cut the legs from underneath every government of the world, simultaneously.

Cryptocurrency has this incredible power locked deep within its core and the empowered individual is the key. Considering the innumerable implications cryptocurrencies have on commerce, those innovations are paralleled equally with revolutionary changes activated by shifts away from state power. Leaders in cryptocurrencies are just starting to scratch the surface toward unlocking its untapped potential.

Enter Tatiana Moroz, singer, songwriter and libertarian activist, with her own brand of crypto-currency: Tatiana Coin. First of its kind, Tatiana Coin is a merger of cryptocurrency and the artist-fan experience. “We are trying to experiment and find new ways of financing artists,” Tatiana stated. “If you start doing something like Tatiana Coin, you are able to bootstrap entire entrepreneurial endeavors though a micro-donation kind of way. I’ve seen how dysfunctional the system is. It does not allow artist to get their art made. There is a lot of bureaucracy and I’ve always been a little frustrated with the music industry even though I have worked in it.” Tatiana Coin may seem benign at first, but in fact, artist branded cryptocurrencies could revolutionize the music industry. “It’s hard to predict but I imagine it will help decentralize a lot of the control and that is definitely what we are going for,” Tatiana continued. “Take something like an Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign and then tokenize it. With something like Tatiana Coin, artists have a long term relationship with the person that is purchasing the coin and value is generated by the content the artist creates. You can also automate certain functions of a record label.”

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