By Co-Editor and Writer Jordan “The Slavic Libertarian” Marinovich

The city of Denver was awash with new life and energy as spring started to emerge in the mile high city. The beautiful weather came just in time, as High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2015 kicked off this past weekend.

The Cannabis Cup is an international tour showcasing everything cannabis related. From seeds and genetics to vaporizers and pipes to social media and dating websites; Cannabis Cup featured any and everything someone would want to know about the cannabis industry.

I set out to the Cannabis Cup to discover the absolute cutting edge technologies in cultivation, consumption and beyond.

There’s no better way to figure out exactly what I needed to focus on at this massive convention than connecting with My 420 Tours. I asked Megan Leigh Page, Promo Scheduler for My 420 Tours, what role technology has played in My 420 Tours’ success.

“Technology has been a huge part in the marijuana/cannabis industry. We’ve seen a lot of grown within just the past couple of years with a lot of new companies coming out. So we’ve been trying to stay on top of it and making sure we are in it. We’ve got an app we work with called “High There!” We also have another car service that we use here in Denver. It’s definitely something that helps connect people, tell people where they need to be, where they need to go. It’s a vital part of our company.

Our tours are getting bigger and bigger every day and we are booked out, which is awesome. It just allows us to partner with more companies, add more things, more features, more stops and new things people really haven’t thought about in this industry.” Listen to the full interview here.

Speaking of the “High There!” app, I caught up with the co-founder and CEO Todd Mitchem to ask about his brand new and wildly successful app.

“The app basically runs like this, if Facebook and Tinder got together and had a baby, and that baby grew up to smoke weed, that would be “High There!” It’s a combination of the functionality of Tinder for dating with the functionality of Facebook for social connection. So, what we wanted to do was unify the millions of cannabis consumers around the world in a platform where they could socialize, make friends and get to know each other.

It’s been very successful, we are at about 70,000 downloads currently today, at 8 weeks [since launch]. We are now global. We were allowed to go global on both platforms [OS and Android]. We are the first ever global social network for weed.”

Those are some pretty impressive numbers. However, I wanted to know the future of cannabis social media and how this technology is positively impacting cannabis users.

“There’s a couple places it’s going: Number one, it shows us the movement of mainstream legalized cannabis is getting bigger and bigger. There’s a lot of momentum behind it. I think you’re going to see lots of not only social networking, but you’re going to see Instagram type apps. You’re going to see Snapchat type apps. The cannabis consumer has largely been isolated for a long time. We are going to see lots of new and blended technology coming to this space as those consumers start to come together.

So, it’s important to note that the tech is really the weed 2.0. That’s ultimately what we want people to understand, the weed movement is not about weed, it’s about people. It’s about people who want to have their freedom, people who want to do something they feel good about, whether it’s recreationally or medically.” Listen to the full interview here.

Todd isn’t alone in his fascination with cannabis social media. Robert Sirianni, of, understands the importance of connections. However, much like all social media platforms today, Weedable has its niche.

“Weedable is a social network and it’s open and free to the public. We have dispensaries on there, we have businesses related to cannabis, we have patients and also users. Along with that, we have an e-commerce site that’s open and free. It’s open like an Ebay or where anybody can go on and sell goods and sell items related to cannabis.

Where we see the industry going is, within five to seven years, I believe that we will actually be selling cannabis online and there will be a secondary resale market as well. So, the future looks pretty bright.”

Buying and selling weed online; Sounds good but hasn’t that been tried and ended badly for Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht? I asked Robert how people on Weedable could avoid those mistakes. Also, I asked Robert about his company’s policy on censorship in the wake of controversial Facebook and Twitter banhammer campaigns.

“On the social network side of Weedable, we have the option for customers to be private or public. So, they have to choice of keeping their profiles private. If they are private, only their friends and followers can see what they are posting.

Obviously from the corporate standpoint, our view is: we were premised on the belief of free speech. We have a strong fundamental belief in the First Amendment. What that First Amendment means is people should be free to, unfettered, to proclaim and advocate for what they believe. Whether it’s in imagery, or whether it’s in communication form via words. So, our site is devotedly dedicated to the First Amendment and we hope that more users will be attracted to Weedable because we don’t censor like other types of networks.” Listen to the full interview here.

I could have spent the entire three days at this massive convention just covering apps, social media and websites. However, without scientific technology…READ MORE HERE