By writer Katy Khaos

There were plenty of praise-worthy women in 2014 to balance out the crazy ones. What I love most about the people on this list is that not one of them uses the term ‘feminist’ to describe themselves. They are just amazing people that happen to be female. They do empower and inspire other women, but they do not try to bring anyone else down in the process. Intelligence is what got them noticed, not insanity. They don’t use the State to further any sort of agenda or distort gender equality to be a one-sided affair. They unite instead of divide. These ladies are in no particular order.

5.) Mo-ne Davis. This 13 year old threw a shutout game in the Little League World Series and was the first to ever do so. She’s only 1 out of 18 girls to ever play in the World Series. Sports Illustrated named her “Sport kid of the year.” Even with her extreme talent, it is apparent in interviews that she is humble and down to earth. She took it in stride and laughed it off when a Fox News commentator suggested that she play more “girl sports like soccer.” She is a role model athlete and certainly someone to look up to for other young, female sports players. Hopefully she has a long sport career ahead.

4.) Esther Anderson. She’s a new blogger and YouTube content creator who has hit it off big in 2014 with her hilarious brand. Her video, “Housewife Fails” shows she does not take herself too seriously and is able to laugh at her lack of talents in the housekeeping realm. This kind of humor is relatable and charming. She is also an unapologetic stay-at-home mom for her young daughter and often makes videos about the journey. “Co-Sleeping is No Sleeping” and “Christmas with a Baby” were big hits with millions of views. In the past few decades, staying at home to raise your own kids has been frowned upon as more and more women chase a career in addition to being a mom. The stigma attached to “only being a mom” is gradually fading as more people realize the value in slowing down to raise children for a few years, if it’s a financial possibility. There is no job more important. Esther and her family are definitely helping to embrace that idea in a public and popular way.

3.) Fate of Destinee. She is the most popular and prolific gun enthusiast…READ MORE