By writer Chris Lewis

In considering such a topic I ask of the audience for one very important concession; something that is absolutely a requirement for having a reason-based discussion on the matter. I request that you leave your prejudices aside, especially those with prior military service, those with loved ones in the military, and those who have lost loved ones to the military. Please do not allow anecdotal evidence or appeals to emotion to cloud your logical assessment of the idea. Reason and logic deal only in fact based arguments, and do not suffer tenuous arguments based solely upon emotional judgments or individual experiences.

As a preface to what will be the main point, one must acknowledge that the very concept of criminal punishment for victimless crimes is abhorrent to a libertarian mind. Furthermore, the institution of positive law has been, and always will be detrimental to all causes liberty. Accepting that one man has the right to oblige another to follow unnecessarily restrictive rules, based solely upon the former’s position of authority, is perverse indeed. The belief that a ruling body has a duty to institute whichever laws it deems fit, even those meant to promote the safety of its citizenry, while possibly well-intentioned, has been the slippery slope to the omnipotent government we now endure.

And so as such, I will give no quarter to arguments for criminal penalties instituted for victimless crimes. Precedent and stare decisis are further meaningless in matters concerning justice, as instantaneous use of such – especially by lazy, corrupted black robes – is a very easy way to allow it to fall by the wayside.  The multitudes of entries within the Federal Register are an indeed an affront to true justice, but unlike all of the others in the long list of dogmatic laws enacted by the Nanny State, desertion is a special breed of despotism.

The very concept of desertion, and especially the way in which even modern society regards it, is an ages old means by which tyrannical governments…READ MORE