By co-editor and writer Jordan “The Slavic Libertarian” Marinovich

The decriminalization of marijuana has been huge success on many fronts in Colorado. So successful, in fact, that every adult in Colorado is set to receive a payment out of it.

The legal sale and subsequent taxation of weed has led to a budget surplus and according to Colorado’s “Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights”, a refund is due. The amendment states, “when the state collects more than what’s permitted by a formula based on inflation and population growth…” anything extra is refunded to the citizens. That is exactly what is happening right now.

However, this is not without greedy politicians rubbing their hands and smacking their lips in envy of possibility of lost cash. Now, it’s just a $7.63 refund per person, but that about 30 million they are losing out on. Colorado legislators are already scrambling to find a way to circumvent the voter-approved amendment.

Colorado resident David Huff told High Times. “I don’t care if they write me a check, or refund it in my taxes, or just give me a free joint next time I come in. The taxes are too high, and they should give it back.”

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