By writer Chris Lewis

Unless you live under a rock in the middle of nowhere on a planet in a galaxy far, far away you’ve most certainly been bombarded by stories involving the freed hostage, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Most of them have been nothing more than brutal attacks on the administration, while a few defenses of the administration’s actions have been sprinkled in here and there. The life of the man and the very interesting details of his final days before being captured are now being thrust into the headlines for distinctly political purposes only, and by both sides of the aisle.

Obama and the Democrats are hurting right now, and bad. The scandals brought to light over the last year or so are piling up, and it only seems as though more are waiting for their chance to steal the spotlight. After the prior week’s announcement concerning the winding down of troop presence in Afghanistan, the chance to bring home the last American held captive there must have seemed like a political goldmine. Boy were they wrong.

So now Republicans can smell blood in the water. The VA scandal has only just begun and the Directive 3025.18 scandal has barely been brought to light. The IRS scandal is still lingering in the background, while Benghazi and the NSA continue to make headlines. Throw in Bergdahl-gate, and you have a veritable smorgasbord of juicy morsels with which to pummel Democratic candidates come this November. And on top of that there’s Judge Napolitano and the curious case for impeachment.

The motivations of both sides, presumably barring Napolitano, are atrocious. Using a man’s life to earn political points is disgusting; further evidence that politics and government are the true (arguably unnecessary) evils of mankind. In this endeavor, though, we will not concern ourselves with the purposes of the administration in this boondoggle. For whatever they truly were, they accomplished the fantastic goal of bringing another one of our soldiers home, alive. However, we will focus on the main attacks of the Republicans, pundits, and finally the soldiers themselves.

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