There’s nothing wrong with running if you’re not doing anything wrong.

From a slogan to a constitutional question; the debate over a billboard campaign in Atlanta has stirred some interesting comments from unexpected places. In the wake of many high profile police brutality incidents and fatalities, how to properly interact with police is in question. However, more interestingly enough, how police should interact with the citizens is also being analyzed.

The billboard campaign displays a simple and straightforward message: “Stay Calm. Don’t Run! Report Police Misconduct.” Pertaining to interactions with police, the billboard encourages residents not to resist officers in anyway. If residents feel they are being mistreated, allow the officer to conduct his business, to call the hotline and complain later.

Atlanta’s Citizen Review Board is responsible for the campaign and their executive director Samuel Lee Reid states their goal is to save lives and injury to citizens. “We want people to know, if you have a concern, you don’t have to be fearful. You don’t have to run, you don’t have to fight with the officer. If the officer does something wrong, tell us. We’re going to investigate it for you.”

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