By writer Sal Trina

When I think about the evolution of my own political philosophies, I wonder what everyone else’s journeys were like.

I started becoming interested in politics during the Clinton impeachment trial. I was a teenager, and so became distracted with other things. Then September 11, 2001 happened, and my political side kicked into full gear. I was full of anger, and needed people to blame for the events that killed my only brother. I took to the internet, and at the time, the people I found on MySpace were mostly Democrats, socialists, and the people the mainstream media now call “truthers.” My profile was any anti-George Bush fanatic’s dream. Pictures depicting the former President as a devil, statements blaming Bush for the terrorist attack, and anti-war memes littered my profile page.

I began watching cable news after the war in Iraq started. Fox News was the easiest to watch even though there was an obvious favoritism toward President Bush and his staff. The other networks had such hack reporters. After Fox’s Geraldo Rivera was kicked out of Iraq for drawing the 101st Airborne’s plans in the sand on live television, I tried CNN and MSNBC. I quickly noticed their anti-Republican bias, and finally started to question the things that were being reported.

It was 2007, and the election season was in full swing. At that time, I was convinced that the Democrats were the statists, and a Reagenesque conservative was the only person who could fix the nation’s problems.

Democrat Barack Obama become President, and I noticed the Republicans giving into nearly everything he wanted. I noticed a united Democratic Party, and the Republican establishment going along with it. I also observed the Republican establishment ridiculing members of their own party who did not follow the statist agenda.

How did I not notice this before? There is not a separate Republican and Democrat establishment, but a united power. Anyone who did not go along with either side was lambasted and made irrelevant, and how they use the media finally became apparent to me.

The media’s purpose for the establishment is to create a divide. The two-party paradigm is a crucial illusion created by them to keep unwitting voters voting for only one side or the other. Unbiased journalism is dead on network news, where a majority of voters see and hear information that cements their divided ideologies. Citizens are convinced that their side is the right way to govern. The “lesser of two evils” is a voting theory that was born out of the ruling power’s tyrannical playbook to control the “undecided voters.”

Our founding fathers, George Washington specifically, warned us about the two-party system, and political parties in general. He stated…READ MORE