By writer Jordan “The Slavic Libertarian” Marinovich

Every person who self-identifies as a liberty lover, gun rights advocate or libertarian has come under siege for those beliefs. It seems like we are constantly on the defense, thwarting emotional attacks and irrational arguments. Every fanciful and far flung hypothetical situation has been conjured up as reasons why freedom will not work.

I am going on the offense and firing back with questions Liberals can’t answer.  However, I refuse to reduce these points to a liberty version of “Move to Somalia!” I have carefully assembled five questions you can use to stump any liberal in an argument.
1. If people are too stupid to govern themselves, why are they smart enough to vote?

The idea that “the collective is smarter together” is illogical at best. 100 stupid people still come up with 100 stupid ideas.

2. I want to build a society with a foundation of universal nonviolence. Why are you so against that?

You are supposed to be peaceniks, right? One of the core tenants of Libertarianism is that the initiation of force is immoral and that, except in self-defense, violence is abhorred.  You should be all on board for making society as peaceful as possible.

3. If government is the only thing that keeps us safe, why do private safety and standards companies exist such as Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Underwriters Laboratories?

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